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Wide-Area Solutions Phasor Measurements - PMU Data Concentrators - PDC Monitoring - WAMS Oscillatory Stability Dynamic Performance Optimise Transmission Improve System Security Stabiliser Tuning Services Modelling to Commissioning Wide-Area Assessments Training & Skills Transfer

Leading Solutions for Improving Power System Security and Capability

The Psymetrix PhasorPoint solutions architecture provides a full-range of building blocks for synchronised measurement and monitoring systems, including data management, archiving, visualisation and advanced applications.

Psymetrix's solutions are used by power system operators and planners worldwide for improving power system security, securely increasing power transfer levels and tracking power system performance, including dynamics, model validation, tuning of power system stabilisers and more.

With over a decade of experience gained in successfully using our solutions to resolve power system dynamics issues, we are able to offer a wide range of services, including wide-area solutions design, power dynamics assessments and stabiliser tuning. In delivering these services we are committed to providing skills transfer that guarantees our customers the greatest possible return on investment in our solutions.