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Psymetrix Smart Grid applications expertise acknowledged through acquisition by Alstom Grid

February 23, 2011

A long-standing strategic technology partnership between Psymetrix and Alstom is formalised today when Alstom acquires Smart Grid applications expert Psymetrix.  Joint solutions are already under supply to South Africa and Sweden.  UK-based Psymetrix will retain its existing operation and brand, but will become Alstom's centre of excellence in phasor-based applications and Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) for the Smart Grid.  WAMS are increasingly demanded by Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Power Utilities to manage complexity caused by interconnection and Renewables Integration.

Smart Grid applications expert Psymetrix today announced its acquisition by Alstom, undisputed world leader in the fields of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure.  The decision is driven by interconnected grids requiring increasingly sophisticated methods for delivering actionable information. The decision by Alstom to acquire Psymetrix is testament to the strength of the Psymetrix PhasorPoint brand; its high quality products and solutions and its fifteen year track-record in Smart Grid phasor-based applications and WAMS technology.  It also makes Alstom a clear market leader in Smart Grid stabillity solutions.

The move was a natural progression for both companies who have been partnering for some time to leverage their technology synergies.  Psymetrix software gives TSOs and power utilities the ability to increase power transfers in their systems without physical improvements and to improve the reliability of their systems while decreasing overall system risk. Together, Psymetrix and Alstom provide comprehensive integrated EMS and WAMS platforms such as those currently under delivery to Svenksa Kraftnät, the Swedish TSO.

Psymetrix will continue to operate from its Edinburgh, UK-based Headquarters and retain the same staff, brand and quality products and solutions which have made it world-renowned for the supply of advanced phasor-based applications and online stability solutions to TSOs. They will become Alstom's new global centre of excellence for advanced phasor-based applications and Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) for the Smart Grid 

Dr. Jos Trehern, Chief Executive of Psymetrix explains:

"We have been long-term partners of Alstom Grid and are delighted to have our expertise recognised through this formal agreement.  We look forward to working with Alstom to build on our existing successes and to provide increasingly valuable solutions to our customers."

Jean-Michel Cornille, Senior Vice President Automation and Smart Grids, concurs:

 "Psymetrix expertise in phasor-based applications and WAMS technology will enable Alstom to strengthen its leadership in WAMS solutions for the Smart Grid, enabling the offering of a comprensive end-to-end solution and paving the way for the development of next generation software applications to manage Grid stability."