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Dynamic Model Validation

The dynamic modelling of inter-connected power systems is key to operational decision making and planning. Since the quality of both can only be as good as the quality of the mathematical models used, it is important that the models accurately reflect the dynamic performance of the network under a wide range of practical operational conditions.

Traditional techniques for model verification use disturbances such as AVR reference signal injection, braking resistor tests, network switching tests and post-disturbance analysis. All of these use ringdown analysis at a specific point in time, in particular conditions. But these techniques are normally invasive, and must therefore be carried out only when operating conditions are favourable. Moreover, even under apparently normal operating conditions, the power system analyst faces uncertainties such as eigenvalue drift, plant malfunction, load variation, and plant operator interventions, and the ringdown analysis techniques can introduce significant errors.

Psymetrix's PhasorPoint solutions provide a fast and accurate means of measuring the actual dynamic performance of the power system. Using PhasorPoint it is now possible to verify system dynamic models in all operating conditions encountered in practice on the power system. Consequently, system analysts have significantly more confidence in a model verified using this approach, since a much wider range of operating conditions is included in the testing. This results in better system models, thus greater knowledge of system security and a stronger basis for evaluating investments impacting stability.

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