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Stabiliser Tuning

The effective management of generator dynamics is key to maintaining power system security and for achieving high transmission performance levels. A lack of stabilisers, or poor stabiliser tuning can significantly impact the requirement to ensure that power system oscillations remain adequately damped at all times.

Robustly tuning power system stabilisers or other active damping controllers can be a challenge. When tuning stabilisers, it is important to ensure that the controller has:

  • The intended effect on all of the modes of oscillation that it is designed for
  • No significant de-stabilising effect
  • Effectiveness over a wide range of system conditions

Conventional commissioning tests typically involve measuring the response to an AVR input step but these tend to emphasise the local mode response, and fail to show the contribution to inter-area mode damping. Furthermore, the commissioning test only captures the response at a single point in time.

Using Psymetrix's PhasorPoint applications, however, it is possible to monitor the damping of all observable local and inter-area modes at all stages of the process - before, during and after stabiliser tuning. Through non-invasive and continuous assessment, PhasorPoint provides measurement-based evidence of the impact of the stabiliser on network performance, including proof that they are having no unintended effects.

In addition to providing PhasorPoint, Psymetrix can also implement and manage entire programmes for stabiliser setting and commissioning. These programmes are flexible to meet customers needs, ranging from advising utilities on the actions to be taken and assisting in the analysis of results, to operation of the programme and even physical testing on behalf of the utility.

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